About the Program

The minor in Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program about law rather than vocational training in law. Recognizing the critical role that law plays in human society, it examines the ways people in different cultures and historical periods have used the law and understood its purposes. It is designed to guide students towards courses that will deepen and expand their understanding of the law as practiced, especially its influence on social and economic institutions, while also providing students with the critical skills needed to excel in law school. As such, the minor encourages students to draw not only upon the humanistic and social scientific offerings of the College of Arts & Sciences, but also to take advantage of courses in the schools of Business, Engineering, and Social Work.



"My Legal Studies minor has been my favorite part of my undergraduate education. The courses offered lay at the intersection of history, law, philosophy, politics, and sociology, which is where my academic passions and interest reside. The minor has allowed me to take a variety of fascinating courses with world-class faculty and has grown my skills in persuasive and argumentative writing as well as critical thinking and analysis. These skills are applicable for any career path, but they have served me well during LSAT preparation and will continue to do so when I attend a Top 10 law school next year."

―Jeff GurleyClass of 2020