Minor in Legal Studies

The minor in Legal Studies requires six courses (18 graded units), at least three of which must be upper-division (300 or 400 level). Two of the six courses may be drawn from your major, but as in all College programs, they can not be double-counted (i.e., applied to both the major and minor). The six courses must also include at least one in three of the four thematic subject areas (see below). You may also obtain course credit though study abroad, or an undergraduate internship. Please contact the Director of Legal Studies for further details.

Internship Credit

You can earn up to three credit units towards the Legal Studies minor through a variety of internships by registering for L84-299. Students have interned with justice systems or law firms during the academic year or while at home over the summer. To register for an internship you must complete an Internship Learning Agreement (obtained from the Career Center), which must then be approved by the Director of Legal Studies, the internship supervisor at the Career Center, and the person supervising your work as intern.

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Approved Courses for the Minor in Legal Studies

For current courses, please search our online course listings

Please Note: Not all of these courses are offered every year. In addition to those listed below, new courses being offered for the first time and courses in other divisions of the University may not be listed. Please consult the Director of Legal Studies for approval of courses not listed below. Additionally, only one course outside of the College of Arts & Sciences can count towards your minor.  Courses that do not start with "L84" are outside of Arts & Sciences.  

Theme I: Legal Reasoning, Theory, and Methods

L84 105G: Introduction to Logic and Critical Analysis – same as Phil 100G (fall, spring)
L84 131F: Present Moral Problems – same as Phil 131F (fall, spring)
L84 312: Argumentation – same as EComp 312 (fall, spring)
L84 346: Philosophy of Law – same as Phil 346 (spring)
L84 362: Politics and the Theory of Games – same as Polsci 362 (spring)
L84 403: Economics of Law – same as Econ 403 (spring)
L84 472: Social Theory and Anthropology – same as Anthro 472 (fall)

Theme II: Law and Culture in Historical Perspective

L84 176: Power and Persuasion: Courts and Laws of Ancient Athens – same as Classics 176 (spring)
L84 2020: The Immigrant Experience – same as AMCS 2020 (fall)
L84 2030: The Enigma of Thomas Jefferson – same as Hist 2030 (spring)
L84 2152: Theory and Practice of Justice: The American Experience – same as Hist 2152 (fall)
L84 3201: Religious Freedom in America – same as RelPol 320 (fall)
L84 3255: Development of the American Constitution – same as Polsci 3255 (fall)
L84 3443: Civil Rights – same as Polsci 3442 (spring)
L84 3373: Law and Culture – same as Anthro 3373 (fall)
L84 3713: Law in American Life I: English and Colonial Tradition
L84 372C: Law in American Life II: 1776 to the Present – same as Hist 372C (spring) 

Theme III: Legal Institutions and Social Practices

B53 301: Legal Environment of Business Management (fall)
L88 120: Social Problems and Social Issues – same as AMCS 120 (fall)
L84 315: Introduction to Social Psychology – same as Psych 315 (fall, spring)
L84 3371: Law and Public Policy – same as Polsci 3371 (spring)
L84 3431: Constitutional Law – same as Polsci 3431 (spring)
L84 344: Courts and Civil Liberties – same as Polsci 344 (fall)
L84 3441: Defendant’s Rights – same as Polsci 3441 (spring)
L84 3462: Politics of Privacy in the Digital Age – same as Polsci 3462 (spring)
L84 3507: Legal Conflicts in Modern American Society – same as AMCS 3507 (fall)
L84 3510: The Supreme Court – same as Polsci 3510 (fall)
L84 3561: Law, Gender, and Justice – same as WGSS 3561 (fall, spring)
L84 3562: Introduction to Forensic Psychology – same as Psych 356 (fall)
L84 358: Law, Politics, and Society – same as Polsci 358 (fall)
L84 390: Gender Violence – same as WGSS 393 (spring)

Theme IV: Justice, Ethics, and the Law

L84 233F: Biomedical Ethics – same as Phil 233F (fall, spring)
L84 235F: Introduction to Environmental Ethics – same as Phil 235F (fall, spring)
L84 331: Theories of Social Justice – same as Polsci 331 (fall)
L84 340F: Social and Political Philosophy – same as Phil 340F (fall)
L84 389: Power, Justice, and the City – same as Polsci 389A (fall)
L84 391: History of Political Thought I – same as Polsci 391 (spring)
L84 392: History of Political Thought II – same as Polsci 392 (fall)
L84 393: History of Political Thought III – same as Polsci 393 (spring)
L84 4400: Advanced Social and Political Philosophy – same as Phil 4400 (fall)

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"My Legal Studies minor has been my favorite part of my undergraduate education. The courses offered lay at the intersection of history, law, philosophy, politics, and sociology, which is where my academic passions and interest reside. The minor has allowed me to take a variety of fascinating courses with world-class faculty and has grown my skills in persuasive and argumentative writing as well as critical thinking and analysis. These skills are applicable for any career path, but they have served me well during LSAT preparation and will continue to do so when I attend a Top 10 law school next year."

―Jeff GurleyClass of 2020